Friday, February 04, 2005

VDH: The Global Throng

Mr. Victor Davis Hanson's column today: It's true, astute and comprehensive.

Alia Vibe: Through the late 80s and on into the early 90s, a common refrain of the left was: "You just don't get it!" to me. And it was said snidely, usually with a snicker. It was intended to be mean. It was intended as a put down.

When I say to lefties now: You don't get it, I do not mean this nastily. I wish the lefties *would* get it. Let's break this down, here. The election (both) was won by President George Bush. And Democrats cannot accept that simple fact, and work within the framework of that fact in voicing their disagreements.

Two-year olds act this way when they don't get their way. This behavior is ABSOLUTELY NOT!! what anyone wishes, desires, likes to see in "so-called" grownups, not to mention "those elected to public office".

This paragraph from VDH's column stands out, jumps out, at me:

Thus we now expect that the New York Times, Harper's, Le Monde, U.N. functionaries who call us "stingy," French diplomats, American writers and actors will all (1) live a pretty privileged life; (2) in recompense "feel" pretty worried and guilty about it; (3) somehow connect their unease over their comfort with a pathology of the world's hyperpower, the United States; and (4) thus be willing to risk their elite status, power, or wealth by very brave acts such as writing anguished essays, giving pained interviews, issuing apologetic communiqu├ęs, braving the rails to Davos, and barking off-the-cuff furious remarks about their angst over themes (1) through (3) above. What a sad contrast they make with far better Iraqis dancing in the street to celebrate their voting.

Lefties: Did you really mean to become what you said you hated?

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