Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union Address

President Bush will give his State of the Union Address TONIGHT at 9pm, eastern time. I'm looking forward to it!

With all the wringing of hands, allegedly on both sides of the aisle.. I have one very simple matter to put forward to you in re this administration's goal of revamping Social Security. I've tried, heretofore, to obliquely allude to this.

Are democrats against identity theft? Republicans say THEY are. I most certainly AM against identity theft, given I've been through it more than 4 times.

Privatizing Social Security will go a long ways towards accomplishing many goals in one fell swoop. For one thing, WHO continues to raid the Social Security accounts. Pardon, let me retry that.. WHO (or rather which party is it) that continues, when they are in power, to rob from Peter in order to pay Paul?

Democrats. They borrow in order to pay for "other things". We most certainly saw it happen during the Clinton years.

Isn't this "identity theft"? Yes.

Privating social security will clean up the rolls.

Do you think illegal immigrants are on those rolls one way or another?

I do.

The revamping of the social security rolls and accounts will accomplish a MYRIAD of good things. For one thing, citizens will more than likely pay much more attention to whatever paperwork accrues to them. Just like they do with investments and IRA/ROTHS/CDS. Privatized, also, means that fraud can and will be more readily detected. Which also means identity theft is more readily discovered; by both users and sellers of identity theft. Not to mention clearly disabusing Joe Citizen of the government as a cashcow for profits and benefits that don't belong to an individual.

Now hang on there... let's return to the mid-90s.. when so many of us (moi, certainly) was wrangling to NOT use these social security numbers as IDs. I refused to give out my ss number. Certainly that meant I couldn't purchase at certain places. It also caused great problems with regard to "medical" issues. Were it privatized, would the same institutes and businesses continue to WRANGLE to use these identifiers, ss numbers, any more? Perhaps they might, but, these numbers wouldn't carry the full weight of "easy theft", either.

So think on this... why would institutes and businesses demand to have your number linked to a retirement account?

Kinda changes the dynamics, no? :)

And there is more.

I am in full support of President Bush's move to revamp Social Security. I think you should be so too!

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