Wednesday, February 16, 2005

SideArms of Campaign Finance Reform - Emerge

John McCain has put forth legislation to (snips):

shorten the time broadcasters have between license renewals and require full commission review of 5% of all licenses.
It also would require broadcasters to post on their Internet sites information detailing their commitment to local public-affairs programming, and it calls for the Federal Communications Commission to complete its open proceeding on whether public-interest obligations should apply to broadcasters in the digital era.

"If a local candidate wants to be on TV and can't afford advertising, his only hope is to have a freak accident," McCain said.

Now, check this out:

Our amicus brief uses both legal and social science research to illustrate that the lack of reasonable limits on campaign spending has negatively impacted the civil rights of poor and minority communities. It has deprived these communities of an effective voice in our democracy. Our brief argues that limits on campaign spending will help to ensure effective representation and equal access to the political system and will help to open the doors of government to groups often in most need—people of color and the poor.

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