Monday, February 07, 2005

Rumsfeld Blasts Russert for Edited Report

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld blasted NBC's "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert on Sunday for selectively editing an exchange he had in December with a National Guardsman who complained that his unit's vehicles weren't armored.
After the clip had ended, the irked Defense Secretary said, "That is not how I answered that question.

"But Mr. Secretary," replied Russert somewhat sheepishly, "it clearly represents the exchange and ... "

"It does not," Rumsfeld shot back.

Prepared with a full transcript, the Defense chief overode the NBC host and proceeded to read his full answer:

"I talked to the general coming out here about the pace at which the vehicles are being armored," Rumsfeld began in response to Wilson...


MataHarley said...

This was one fun MTP, Alia. Rummy on the first half, Kennedy the second. What a world of difference. Talk about yin and yang!

I could see Russert was getting annoyed that Rummy just wouldn't answer his questions the way he wished. With some sort of specific date, or reason why. You know, when you have a bad question... ala one the reporter wants a "yes or no", or A or B type answer.... one can only try to reformulate the question so it has bearing on reality. This Rummy did. And did well. He did not make Russert look good.

Now Kennedy... man... he just couldn't stay focused on the questions at hand. He kept insisting he gave "a plan" for withdrawing from Iraq. He said he gave cures to the SS problem.

About the only thing he did was confirm, forabout the millionth time, that Mass voters don't have a clue when they choose him as their Senator!

Alia said...

lol!!! That last one about "confirming for Massachusett" voters.. rofl!! The visual was so perfect. You recall the flick "The Russians Are Coming"? The overeager general.. but the general hadn't lost his marbles (uh, like Teddy). Same outfit, same saber.. oh my .. lol.