Wednesday, February 02, 2005

President Bush: State of the Union

I'm momentarily disabled--tears just burst on through when Safia Taleb al-Souhail, Iraq, and US Military Mom, Mrs. Norwood, connected. That was it for me -- I hate crying. It just wears me out. Two women, two countries, united in a common purpose.

I loved watching President Bush using his political capital. He did not hold back his punches -- punches many of us have waited a good 10 YEARS to hear spoken, loudly, and publically.

His explanation of basic economics (101) was brilliant, bang-on, and will go farther, carry more weight than any of the naysaying by opponents. It was visionary.

First Lady Laura -- loved her wink at the Camera, loved even more her new tasks, goals, and mission.

Energy REFORM. 4-years of debate is TOO long -- I agree!

Immigration. It will be overhauled. (NO AMNESTY)

Medical Reform. Part here that got me chucking.. the pouty Dems were on their feet, applauding.. and then he delivered this line: putting patients in charge of their OWN healthcare decisions. :>

Timetable on Iraq -- perfectly, precisely stated. Under this goal, benchmarks can be established and policies written.


... and this all without my notes and from top of my head.

CATCALLS FROM DEMOCRATS! Yes, I watched C-SPAN. I heard those catcalls. What did these folks think this was? "Congress in session"? Have they gone daft or what?

Alia fly:

Presentation: Moving, bold, courage, and impish at times. At moments resembling a cannon pointed at a certain side of the aisle. Good. It's not like these obstructionists don't have it coming.

I heard elsewhere that 43 countries have been "liberated" through the WOT. That's a fairly good number over a 3-year span, eh?

More money for community colleges. This has to happen. More and more highschool graduates are being graduated lacking basic knowledge and skills.

Here: Worldnetdaily

pant, pant. I'm back. We are celebrating a military man's 23rd birthday here. Just had the cake!



MataHarley said...

Rather than post my own, I'll just add my thoughts to your already very thorough coverage, Alia.

I was working and away from all media at the live presentation, so I had to content myself with a later rerun. I tried first for C-Span, but then decided to go to the CNN rerun. Why? I was darned curious about the "cameo" shots of the audience.

Oddly enough, those seemed to be far and few apart. There was the usual Hillary grimace while standing on her feet, half-heartedly applauding. A shot of Kerry during the fixing health care intro comment (before, what was in essence, the slap the trial lawyers" statement. Kerry took that moment to lean over and comment. No doubt a "hey, that's my line" something or another.

Kennedy? If he was there, I saw not whit of his presence.

I too was in tears with the Iraqi woman and the soldier's mother. What can be said of a moment such as this? Hollywood could only dream of such a command performance - impossible to duplicate because it came of true emotions and not manufactured out of some acting school.

I thought the speech was superb. While pundits were looking for catch phrases, memorable for history and their coverage, I threw that superficiality aside and deemed the speech "fat" with substance and vision. I swear, can't think of any American citizen, regardless of policy, that couldn't see the simple logic of the issues laid out.

And in speaking with my friends who are not so politically oriented, they also agreed... a great speech.

The Democratic responses by Reid and Pelosi were flat, disingenuous, and a replay of the Kerry campaign. How embarrassing for them to have to tape that prior to the speech's delivery. What a disadvantage. Pelosi still whining about "exit strategy" and the legitimacy of the war. Reid just plain whining. And how on earth did that man get elected? One of the worst public speakers I've ever seen! One need only turn on late night TV and watch local car commercials to see better talent! Yik.

I was also pleased to hear my thoughts on Iran echo'ed... that should those craving a life of freedom wish to act, they will find America at their side. I see no military action against Iran for regime change in our futures. Iran is so close to falling from within from it's youth.

All in all, I must say.... brilliant. Brilliant in the ways it should be brilliant. Not with flowery words, memorable phrases to please the MSM, or rah rah cheerleading. Instead brilliant in delivery, brilliant in framing the issues so clearly that a child could grasp his vision, and brilliant in a delivery with such strength and convictions that it will resonate around the world.

I am honored to have this Cowboy President in the Oval Office. America could not have a better man at a better time.

Anonymous said...

CATCALLS FROM DEMOCRATS! Yes, I watched C-SPAN. I heard those catcalls. What did these folks think this was? "Congress in session"? Have they gone daft or what?

Alia, have to ask???

Alia said...

Anonymous: true.

TrekMedic251 said...

Arrgghhh,..once again,..that WAS ME!

Hmmm,..methinks a left-wing conspiracy has overtaken!


Alia said...

I'm glad it was you. I knew it was someone precious and wonderful posting "anonymously". :)