Thursday, February 10, 2005

Like Father, NOT like son....

Ron Reagan to host MSNBC show
USA Today

I am forever sorry that Ron Reagan carries his father's name. He certainly garnished most of the attention at the funeral, taking the liberty of saying what his father would have done, believed or whatever.

Now I may be close to senility, but I can certainly remember Ron and sister Patty's animosity towards their father and his service as President. Frankly I thought they were spoiled, snitty little siblings then. Thus I hardly think Ron would have a clue what his father would have believed now an days. He is so far removed from being of the same ilk.

And now little Ronnie gets his own show. Still, I can't help but wonder how long it will be until Ron gets sued for his obvious bias and disdain towards humanity in general. On so many occasions during the campaign and debates I heard him make disparaging comments. On one particular debate, the network had a group of "undecided" voters commenting on the candidates debate about health care. When the cameras returned to Ron Reagan and Scarborough, Reagan make a comment about those voters being more in need of health care... insinuating a sort of "Deliverance" assessment of the voters.

What a pompous, snide comment. And he tends to open his mouth to change feet often.

I think, on that alone, I may have to try and stomach watching the man on occasion just to watch that veil of elitist snobbery be lifted in view of cable audiences!

Oh yes.. he is paired with Monica Crowley. One has to wonder just how much clout she will have as the "second" headliner on Connected. Or will she mere be Reagan's "potted plant", as Colmes is to Hannity?

Oh yes.. the new Reagan stamp is unveiled! Hopefully it will come in self-adhesive packaging... I am *done* licking stamps!

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