Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Jeff Gannon

I don't think these are the same guys. Certainly the similarities are there, but the headshape, lines around the mouth. Yes, I've mentally "aged" the more youthful photo. I don't think these are the same guy.

The Corner (Jonah) brought my attention to lib bloggers glee over Jeff Gannon "stepping down". So, I followed the links in his comment. I've read "MediaCitizen" blog on this matter, now, three times: I'm either really sleepy, or just not getting something. Jeff Gannon is linked through domain name to riske sites. And the suggestion is that he is leading a double life? That he's gay? And this is a problem for the liberal bloggers? Yes, it appears so -- but because Jeff Gannon has "publically" been against gay marriage, and the like. Hey! Count me in! I'm against gay "marriage"; I'm for "domestic unions", however. I don't like language skewings. Marriage has a specific meaning that is reknown all over the world and in every country. I'm weary of the deconstructionist "through the looking glass" attempts of shape-shifters. (And lib bloggers are pounding their rattles over their assertion that Jeff Gannon is a "shape-shifter" ?) He's not tried to change the meaning of words or language. Maybe that's his fatal flaw, in lib tunnelese.

Long ago, I spotted a nifty forum about a really kewl and new technology. It was called "See You/See Me" -- it was live camming over the internet. I was blown away and fascinated to learn such cutting edge technology was just entering the market. So I went to the forum. Uh, yeah. Forum members WERE using the technology but, uh, for something else. I went into the forum thinking I'd see cyber conversation on the subject. The "room" was entirely silent, but with a roster of lots and lots of names. And guys kept contacting me. At first I thought it was a marketing trick: Wanna see me? I kept saying "Yeah!" (I was interpreting this as.. "do you, Alia" wanna see the technology.) By about the 5th IM'er.. well, this guy explained to me what this forum was for. Oh ho, said I. Lightbulb of illumination moment.

I then contacted those who'd originally contacted me and asked if I could ask them questions. Like, does "cyber sex" equal "sex". Explain the thrill of vicarious sex, pls? I decided to explore the psyche of those engaged in this behavior. The "thrill" of this venue Doesn't do it for me. lol. But I did learn a great deal about those who engage via internet for these purposes.

Eventually the technology became more and more popular. But boy did I take some serious scoldings from folks who knew me, when I had told them about this fabulous new technology (not yet then mainstreamed), and how I learned about it.

Jeff Gannon has resigned from reporting at Talon News.

Alia Vibe: I begin to glean how libs plan to censor those ideas and people they disagree with. It isn't just bloggers who write about their jobs (as airline stewardesses). The libbies, I think, are promoting this as their version of "honesty". Does this also mean I have to reveal, up front, about the bad side of my ancestors -- I had some relatives who ran with Jesse James' gang.
Therefore, do not read, ever, anything I post at this blog especially when it comes to law, order, and civility.. eh, wot?

Maybe the stuff about Jeff Gannon is so. But I wish lib bloggers would be more direct about it. I just don't get the "connections" as mere "connections". Why don't they say: Jeff Gannon is a gay man fooling you by pretending to be conservative. Because that's what their "connections" imply. But could this open them to slander suit in reprisal? Or, is it something else. Again, I don't think the two photos are the same guy.

I'm having to constantly battle stereotypes about being from California. Everyone assumes I'm gay, liberal, and out to hurt everyone. Most all the counties in CA voted "red"; but, because the blue counties hold "shape-shifters".. the assumption is..

BTW, Jonah's column on monsters, today, is excellent! I chased away every "monster" my children encountered as wee ones, and I still do. They still giggle in remembrance of me battling inside the closets with a hanger to chase monsters away; or performing fantastic rituals in banishing zombies. And my children learned about courage, and in not doubting what they perceive. Questioning? Yes. But not, self-negating. They also learned, there's armor for every single type of monster.

Raise the blessed ones in the ways they should grow.

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