Friday, February 18, 2005

In Praise of DefSec Rumsfeld

In defense of Secretary Rumsfeld

David Limbaugh's defense of Sec Rumsfeld especially and mostly lately in regard to his responses under grilling by lefties:

I challenge you to read the transcript of Rumsfeld's testimony and Milbank's piece. Study carefully every Rumsfeld response Milbank chose to highlight, and tell me what on earth is wrong with any of them

Rush Limbaugh has portions of that transcript at his website

I LOVED HIS RESPONSES! He had to respond to stupid questions, ergo his responses were very fitting for those being hostile, power-punching, and absurd. These people have had over 3 years to come to terms with reality, and they haven't.

Dana Millbank: "Donald Rumsfeld doesn't do accommodating very well,"

What is all this to you, Dana? A household spat? A bedroom play?
A classroom sensitivity session?

As recent pics from SecDef Rumsfeld's business trip throughout Europe, and to Iraq show: He's an adult. And he is very accommodating to those who mean to actualize their highest potential as adults.

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