Sunday, February 20, 2005

GOP Eyes Social Security As Campaign Plan

"Younger voters get it," said Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., another member of the GOP's Senate class of 2002.

Yes, they do.

"We win if the issue is defined as personal accounts. We lose if it is defined as privatization," pollster David Winston wrote recently in a presentation for Senate Republicans.

A personal account is more security-sounding than is a privatized account. While I think there is a growing knowledge and educational base concerning economics, there are still hang-overs from S&L crisis years.

Personally, I prefer a private account. But a "personal" account still gives off the appearance of it being "covered and backed by the US Government".

SS, as it currently stands is idiotic. I'm weary of the account-shifting tactics of the Democrats all these past years -- it's just pencil/eraser shoving and then proclaiming something is there, that simply, is not.

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