Monday, February 14, 2005

FEC May Tighten Restrictions on Internet Political Activity

Allegedly, the link leads to Drudge; but I can't see this article there.

What I got, however is this:

FEC May Tighten Restrictions On Internet Political Activity Mon Feb 14 2005 10:38:41 ET

The Federal Election Commission next month will begin looking at tightening restrictions on political activities on the Internet, ROLL CALL reports Monday.



TrekMedic251 said...

OK,..right now I'm guessing the FEC is looking into how and where PACs and 527s fit into blogging.

Keep us updated!

BTW - Left you two a present on my blog.

Alia said...

Your present cracked me up!

In re what is going on... the buzz is.. lots of conversations are going forward. Perhaps I'll blog on it; however, these conversations do need to happen; and not just about looking into PACs and 527s.