Thursday, February 17, 2005

Christo and the Art of Political Statement

I agree with Myron Magnet in re Christo latest project: "The Gates". I found Christo's earlier project, the Running Fence, in Marin county, CA to be a waste of good material (parachutes). Add to that the feminist "clothesline" project.

I was offended back then, seeing my beautiful hills cluttered by a "political statement as art". I thought, aha. Old, recycled parachutes made into a fence. Right.... no support for illegal immigrants, there, right? His statement was so freakin' obvious.

Evil Military Keeping Evil Borders around the Evil US.
Evil Military can be imperialist enough to "leap" into other countries, but the Evil US resents it when others do the same to the US.

I thought it was stupid. If the US is so evil, why then do people from all the around the world risk death just to get here.

And, most countries wherein the US "leaps into" are invited into those countries.

Only ones inviting illegals here are the lefties.

I just saw the project as way to provide a podium for leftist activism. Call it art, and fund speakers and fliers on fave-rave lefty agenda matters along the way. "Artistic Gerrymandering".

My pragmatism prevents me from even coming close to calling this "art" but rather "artful".

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