Thursday, February 17, 2005

Campaign Finance Reform and the Minority Issue

Some links:

Greenlining Institute: Congressional Leaders and Common Cause Join African-Americans and Latinos In Support of Campaign Finance Reform Recommendations

The Claiming Our Democracy Program has settled on a total of five key campaign finance reform recommendations emanating from research and discussions with African-American and Latino community leaders. The other four recommendations are:

* Ban On Soft Money
* Regulate Issue Advocacy
* Institute A Public Funding System
* Restore Public Benefit Mandates For Television and Radio Airwaves


02/17/2005 - Sierra Club Attacks Greenlining For Promoting Affordable Housing
The Berkeley newspaper, The Berkeley Daily Planet, reported on February 4 that the Sierra Club’s legislative analyst had attacked Greenlining’s credibility, contending that Greenlining is controlled by the banking industry. The primary basis for the Sierra Club’s attack is that Greenlining has, for a decade, promoted affordable housing, including the construction of one million additional housing units to close the minority homeownership gap and stabilize California’s escalating housing and rental costs. In contrast, the Sierra Club generally opposes the building of affordable housing due to its historical opposition to economic growth and because it opposes the types of density necessary to ensure affordable housing in the inner city near mass transit.

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