Monday, January 24, 2005

What's Congress up to?

Mata Musing

There's so much the elite, never-going-to-go-away Congressional types are doing of late that I decided to do a cyber-montage of their antics.

If you haven't figured out by now, I am not a huge fan of our Congress. I think they are pompous, inefficient, bought and paid for by interest groups and personal acquaintances, they make too much money as public servants, and they've been the biggest reason that Washington has to play "the game" because they, themselves, created the game rules.

Needless to say, I am very Libertarian in my belief that there should be term limits on Congress. The presence of the likes of Kennedy, Boxer, Feinstein, even McCain in Congress for our entire lifetime is not to our country's advantage. With fresh new faces, unhep to "the game", we might get more honest work done, have less intrusive legislation enacted, and Congressional elitists would remember what it was like to be a real citizen that worked for their money. 'Nuff said...

Congress Concerned Over Iraq Elections

First off my lips? "So what." Why there's an entire article devoted to the negative rabble musings of Congressmen and women, predicting Iraqi failure instead of success, is beyond me. This is what qualifies as news?

It's also NOT news that the speculative naysayers get far more press than those speculating success. Thus this entire bit is nothing more than a re-run of Congressional belief that "we don't think we should be there, we don't think it's being managed right, and we don't think the elections will be 'legitimate'".


Senate Democrats Ready Anti-War Speeches

If there is one area of expertise for Congressional members, it is that of obstructional politics. And this week's target is the appointment of Condie. On Tuesday they are setting aside 9 hours so they can vent. Sigh....

Why the devil they want to slow up the inevitable is beyond me. It is yet another waste of tax payers time and money as they echo their same ol'd talking points for days in Congress, and try like hell to nail at least one Bush scapegoat for the entire Iraqi affair. It is nothing more than losers behaving badly.

Of course this brings me to the burning thought I have - like why in heaven's name does Congress have the right to approve or disapprove of cabinet members? In this climate, it could take Bush's entire second term to pull together a cabinet that pleases this group of snippy powerhouses.

I think the cabinet should be an extension of Presidential advisors, and of his election success. The President doesn't tell Congress who they can have on their staff. They shouldn't be able to tell him who to have on his. Who thunk this process up, anyway?

Oh yeah... Congress. No wonder.

Bush to Seek About $80 Bln for Military Operations

Mark your calendars, and pocket this info for future reference. The White House will be sending a request for new military funding for Iraq and Afghanistan next month. Ummm...Februrary entry into Congress. How long before that cash reaches the troops with the needed equipment? Shall we start a drawing?

Let's see... how many months did they hold up body armor and other funds in the "I voted for it before I voted against it" appropriations bill? And, when they finally DID approve it in fall, it still took over 6 months for the appropriate paperwork and funds to reach the manufacturers. Good thing the military was already on the case with up-armoring from different sources and general funds. The troops took it in stride, as our magnificent military does.

Needless to say, it's predictable that while they are holding up the bill and the allocation and dispersment of such funds with their tirades, they will also be screaming at the top of their lungs about our soldiers not having what they need.

Is anyone else besides me getting tired of listening to these people whine day in and day out???

Congressional Leaders Lay Out Conflicting Legislative Agendas

The war strategy is laid out and ready to go. The lines are drawn in the sand, and everyone has picked a side. Of course they are *all* only concerned with us... the mere American voter. Our heads spin in confusions as each side claims moral high ground when it comes to our best interests. .....right.....

The only "best interest" I can see right now is Congressional term limits so we can literally clean "house" and "senate". Since it's unlikely these folks are likely to diminish their earnings, power and pensions by voting in such a law, I can only say it's going to be a long, unproductive 4 years while all these elitists continue to do little but snipe at each other.

What would make me smile today? A Presidential directive, booting them all out into the real world if they have served over one term. Mercy, would that make me grin!

Hopeful dreaming on my part. Afterall, the guy can't even choose his own cabinet without waiting for their blessings.

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Alia said...

Mata -- the whining and whinging of the Dems does has an effect; like that of a whining child -- after a time, you just don't hear it anymore. It becomes, effectively, like white noise. I find it fascinating that the Dems are remaking themselves as the "whining party" -- their own rendition of the "Crying Game". Guess they haven't learned yet the negative repercusions which are resulting from their new "image". So, what do they do? They whine more. They hope for a harmonic convergence -- Whiners of the World Unite! That's so Hillary (et al) look good when they speak while running for office, no? It's a false wall.