Monday, January 31, 2005

Rush for the Border : Limbaugh issues a warning to President Bush

ORLANDO, Fla.--In the aftermath of 9/11, conservatives bottled up their frustrations over some of President Bush's policies. Then they muted their criticism during the presidential campaign. But now it is spilling out in all directions--and the White House had better pay attention.

On Friday Rush Limbaugh, a staunch Bush supporter, took two separate opportunities to warn the president that he faced conservative opposition on some key issues that could hurt his chances of passing the rest of his second-term agenda. First was federal spending, which "is surging out of control," according to the Heritage Foundation's new "Mandate for Leadership." The other was immigration, which, Mr. Limbaugh told his listeners, "could break up the Republican-conservative coalition" à la Ross Perot. "We cannot maintain our sovereignty without securing and protecting our borders in an era where terrorists around the world seek entry to this country," he said.

Alia Vibe: ...and Hillary is addressing this issue: She's becoming more and more hardline against "illegal immigration". I did predict that the Arizona popular bill would be put in jeopardy after it passed. I had CA's Prop 187 experiences to draw upon.

I'll say as little as possible here... but the gulf between the plan and conservatives' perception(s) is a little too huge, at moment. This "perception" is being fueled by some very hard core anti-illegal immigrationisms. Unlike some folks, I don't see America as the "last white bastion" of the world. I never have. It is not a skin color issue, nor necessarily a language issue; it's a dollars and security issue. I wish to see immigrants pay their fair share of taxes. I wish to see them assimilate into the American culture.

These eyes and ears of mine have seen and heard some alarming things which have been in bed with the anti-illegal immigration groups. Conversely, rotten criminals are indeed sneaking over the border into this Brave Country with some "sheepish" people living in counties. The costs of supporting illegal immigrants is staggering.

I say, let's acquire Mexico. We've already so many refugee businesses established there (screw you, overregulatory EPA!) -- and our real problems, closeby are more so with South America than with Mexico.

I say this and because IT IS TOO LATE TO PUT UP SOME FREAKIN IRON GATE. 12 years of Clinton/Democratic policy, placement of stooges in prominent position, judicial activist judges, etc., not to mention the mere "blue zones" which keep on supporting the illegal issue. The coyotes, the innocents-but-thirsting-for-Freedom dying in the back of suffocating trucks and campers. And then there are conservatives demanding President Bush stop "illegals" from entering the country...Now! Like how? Waging a WOT at the border? Is this the illustration? If so, it's not very intelligent nor cogent. IMHO, both sides of this need to refine their arguments.

And I say: Time for a bigger can.


MataHarley said...

Indeed, Alia. Hillary is running in '08, and doing her utmost to make sure her record isn't of "the most liberal" ilk. Nerve racking, yes?

I somewhat agree about Mexico. Suggest a "Haiti" style status instead of a 51st state, tho. The only way I can see them from not bolting over the border is to improve their own economy, making staying at home more inviting than immigrating.

Alia said...

..Improving conditions in their own country. Alas, this is my wish for them too. And I do agree with you in re "Haiti" status as opposed to 51st state type stuff. Sure, sure, Mexico has gold and silver mines. But their problems are too costly at this time.