Friday, January 28, 2005

NH: Bill would eliminate hate crime Laws

CONCORD, N.H. -- A group of lawmakers is pushing to eliminate New Hampshire's hate crime laws, claiming the state is punishing people for unpopular beliefs.

"With the introduction of hate crime laws, the government has entered the realm of prosecutions based on attitudes and belief," Rep. Robert Giuda, R-Warren said.

Alia Vibe: The bill is getting blasted by ACLU and Racialists. It seems to me that people who harm others purely because of skin color, creed, etc., are not haters, but nuts. What? No "insanity" pleas here, eh? The libs are fully aware that the "insanity plea" worked very well to "release" from hard sentencing criminals. Ergo... "hate crimes". The "hate crimes" laws are stupid and a pox upon enlightened people. This law is an ass. As long as "hate crimes" laws remain the increase in "hate" will grow.


Anonymous said...

True, Alia. Shooting somebody b/c you want their coat is a crime. Tacking on the fact the the victim was a minority, gay, handicapped, etc, is just plain stupid.

The crime is a crime, justice after that is supposed to be blind, right?

Alia said...

Hello, anonymous! Yes, justice is "supposed" to be blind. Tacking on that the victim was also x, y, or z -- is supposed, I think, to make the crime "look" worse, or possibly add more fuel to the fire that those belonging to the identity groups of x, y z -- are somehow needing more protections than anyone else. After a time, you get to see through the veil spun by those who chant "equality" and mean it not at all.

In the past, the dictum was indeed to take extra special concerns for those who were disabled, or for children, and rightly so -- that this culture may look after these. However, these special "attempts" to bring race or sex into the matter are intended, I think to make everyone reactively shout "stop the extra's". The Democrats have been pushing for many years to lower the age of "consensual" adult/child sex as well as to lower the voting age for children.

Additionally, it would aggravate me no end when the media refused to publish when the perp was of a certain race or sexual "orientation" but report that data when the victim WAS of those "categories".

Doesn't take too long to see how complicit is the media in fueling problems in our country; and thereby skewing the very meaning of "justice"