Monday, January 31, 2005

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'

Of course, this is today's fascinating, tantalizing headline for what is going on in Germany under their bizarre mix of socialism and, ahem, capitalism (what the market demands). Of course, any who have done much study at all of "capitalism" -- knows that capitalism without a moral base is little more than a thug regime. Socialists in America have been harping for "legalization of sex workers" for a number of years. It's happened in spotty places like San Francisco and Berkeley. However, I think those are self-negating locations within the United States.

A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing "sexual services'' at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.

Prostitution was legalised in Germany just over two years ago and brothel owners – who must pay tax and employee health insurance – were granted access to official databases of jobseekers.

The waitress, an unemployed information technology professional, had said that she was willing to work in a bar at night and had worked in a cafe.

She received a letter from the job centre telling her that an employer was interested in her "profile'' and that she should ring them. Only on doing so did the woman, who has not been identified for legal reasons, realise that she was calling a brothel.


MataHarley said...

I'm too bloody old for another career change! LOL

Alia said...

LOL!!! Oh but ve must be "great feminist role models" as Ellen Goodman has suggested of the 65 year old woman who gave birth. :)

OTOH, um, getting some old gals into the prostitution jobs might just reduce the customer base. Gives newer meaning to the phrase: "Roll 'em up, Girls!"