Saturday, January 29, 2005

Good riddance to a loser

It's not his war
U.S. deserters put their faith in Canada

By Jason Botchford, Toronto Sun

Boy oh boy. If Botchford, the Canadian journalist, was hoping to drum up sympathy for the "hundreds" of soldiers he says are pining to desert to become a Canuck, he couldn't have picked a more un-symPATHETIC (emphasis is deliberate) character than Kentucky deserter, Darrell Anderson.

After serving in combat in Baghdad for seven months, the 22-year-old Kentucky-bred soldier turned his back on his home, his family -- including his 4-year-old daughter -- and his country to come to Toronto two weeks ago so he didn't have to go back to Iraq and train his gun on one more innocent child.

Now I'm not sure why Anderson was pointing a rifle at an "innocent child", but it was certainly to his benefit to remember that even children are enlisted by terrorists to become suicide bombers. Such children are far from innocent, and a soldier would be risking his life, assuming all Iraqi children are as disaffected as American offspring. Perhaps, tho he may have found the action deplorable, it is the main reason his sorry ass made it back in one piece to the States, and enabled his desertion.

But this much is clear... Mrs. Anderson must be dancing in the streets, ridding herself of such a loser.


TrekMedic251 said...

Hopefully, you saw Bill O' Reilly on Friday night. That piece by the CBC about FNC was horrendous!

Read my blog,..I put up a comment on it.

MataHarley said...

Caught your blog, TrekMed. LMAO about your new EMT recruit... the "blue" lady. But what a great opportunity to let her vent, then calmly point out reality over emotions.... or not. :0)

Missed the particular segment for "O", but heard his rants about it the day before as a promo. No surprise that this comes since Fox has been banned from Canadian broastcasting until just recently. I expect nothing less than a full on assault.

But Fox and company can take it.

This particular deserter really got my gall tho... deserting not only his responsibilities for a crock'o'manure, but his family as well. Exporting losers to Canada... OK by me.