Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dem Feminists now going after Janice Brown

Press Release - National Partnership for Women & Families
Statement on the Nomination of Janice Rogers Brown

January 19, 2005
National Partnership for Women & Families

(Washington, DC) The National Partnership for Women & Families opposes the
nomination of Janice Rogers Brown to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Her
sharply-worded opinions, writings, and speeches clearly demonstrate that her
views are substantially outside the legal mainstream and lack the balance
and perspective for a lifetime appointment to the D.C. Circuit. We believe
that she is the wrong choice for the D.C. Circuit and we urge you to oppose
her nomination.
Civil Rights and Equal Protection Principles. Justice Brown's speeches
reveal her skepticism about equal protection principles, stating that
America has become "a nation of whiners," entrenched in a "culture
victimization." She derisively proclaims that our political leaders are
"handing out new rights like lollipops in the dentist's office," and have
"become so comfortable with the language of discrimination and equal
protection, the words have lost all real meaning." To her, such "concepts
are simply empty vessels which can be filled with any content and still
elicit a powerful emotional response."5 Proclaiming that judges
"constitutionaliz[e] everything possible, finding rights which are nowhere
mentioned in the Constitution," she noted that these judges "take a few
words which are in the Constitution like 'due process' and 'equal
protection' and "imbu[e] them with elaborate and highly implausible
etymologies."6 Although Justice Brown does not make clear who "the whiners"
are, or what "new rights" she finds problematic, what becomes clear is
her overall attitude of hostility towards a range of protections that ensure
fair treatment.

Affirmative Action. Justice Brown has been particularly vehement in her
hostility to affirmative action. In Hi-Voltage Wire Works, Inc. v. City of
San Jose, one of her most wellknown decisions, her legal analysis reveals an
overall skepticism and lack of sensitivity to the importance of affirmative
action as a remedy for systemic discriminatory practices.

Alia Note: All the more reason why Janice Brown should be confirmed into position. She's an excellent abiter of truth, justice, and the American way.

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