Thursday, January 20, 2005


... "and may He"... (very big smile). That's when the playful side of President Bush shone through.

President Bush's inauguration speech was direct, comprehensive, believable, inspiring. He made clear he was ready to tackle problems. He made clear that during this term, he'd be far more direct. Period.

Another thing I liked was the symmetry throughout the ceremony. R-Trent Lott referred to her, America; President Bush referred to Him, our Lord.

The mezzo-sopranos, both, brought tears to my eyes. The second mezzo? I recognized the words. In my hymnal, Rudyard Kipling is credited as having written the words in 1897. The tune, as I heard today differs from my hymnal -- the tune of which was attributed as being composed in 1530, German. In the 5th verse, Rudyard Kipling pleads for the Lord's mercy upon sinners -- Lest we Forget.

Vice President Cheney obviously knew the oath better than his presenter read from page. lol!

I turned on ABC -- periodic mumblings or distant yells of human voice .. like protestors or network staff; that was a distraction, and I didn't appreciate the distraction. I chose to spend my time witnessing (standing, praying, singing along, and clapping) the inauguration. I did not appreciate those, in attendance at the inaugration, who trespassed upon my decision to hear.

Excellent, direct speech, President Bush. The tempo, delivery, turns of phrase were superb, and melodic and sang a tune encompassing past and future in the here and now. That's a fine voice you have, the liberty bell, ringing through the ages.

I've no doubts, it was heard on high.

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