Monday, November 15, 2004

Loyal Dem dishes out reality check to DNC

By Tish Durkin, New York Observer

Mata Harley: Ok... I admit that by now I am utterly bored with the incessent self-analysis by the DNC as to the "whys" and "hows" of their disconnect with the American voter.

That is, I was bored until this little number by Ms. Durkin came along. What a delightful read - filled with savvy, tongue in cheek, self-directed truths. As a bonus, surprise surprise, it is totally devoid of the usual fear-mongering - the "chicken little" predictions of the next four years.

I have to admire this particular Dem. Not only did she make me laugh aloud, she is well informed on the pros and cons of UN led coalitions. She recognizes the absurdity of joining forces with Michael Moore or movie stars that dramatically announce relocation in event of Bush re-election. And she knows Bush isn't an idiot for: "If Bush is an idiot and he has beaten us twice, what does that make us?"

The summary of this little ditty is best put forth by the authoress herself...

Bush is not an idiot. Kofi Annan is not an oracle. Michael Moore is not Everyman. Women are not ovaries with feet. And to be an American is not an embarrassment.

In this column, Ms. Durkin represents what is possibly the best of the DNC. Perhaps they should have put her on the ticket.

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